Sokhrates mission is to provide sustainable funding for projects that have a demonstrated impact on the planet’s most urgent needs and are based on the sustainability of the results and the empowering of the beneficiary communities as the main actors of the change. "

The Sokhrates Foundation is currently being created in Italy from the already existing non-profit Association Sokhrates... learn more



Sokhrates is the medium that will allow anyone to become a hero and change the world, just by joining the community and sharing content with others.


Can you imagine a Social Network whose income is dedicated to helping the most needed in the world? Learn more...

Sokhrates will gain a market value that will allow it to sell advertising spaces to ethical companies and obtain substantial income to be reverted on more humanitarian work, through a specialized committee who will decide where to invest it, having in consideration the will of millions of people expressed through the Sokhrates social network.






Sokhrates’ Funding Principles

  • A Human Rights approach: guarantee and promote human rights

  • Good practices: the use of methodologies that have generated positive changes

  • Community Empowerment: the community will be engaged in the process as an active agent of change.


  • Sustainability: how the project will be supported by other projects (initiatives, plans, interventions, public support) to endure over time.


  • UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals: The project must be in line with at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals.


  • Manage to measure impact. The project should be managed in such a way that its impact can be measured


A online community as a sustainable source of philanthropic funding and  to educate and generate a new conscience around the globe

we have established a system to access funding through our social network. in order to do so, we need to keep growing and attract new active users. We are establishing collaborations with several NGOs present on all the continents: they provide us with content and new users and we give them access to two different possible ways of funding. Their projects must meet Sokhrates’ethical and technical requirements

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11 Via Molino delle Armi
Milano, 20122

+34 606 300906 (English, Spanish, French)

+39 333 7761465 (Italian)

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The change begins



Sara Oviedo 

former vicepresident of the Committee of the Rights of the Child of the UN


Maneka Gandhi

Miniter of Women & Child Development (India) and Founder of People for Animals, largest animal protection & environmental organization in Asia


Marta Esteban, international project manager, Animal Guardians, Independent Council forthe  Protection of Children’s Rights (Consejo Independiente de Protección de la Infancia, CIPI, in Spanish)


Amanda Pi Cunninghan, oceanographer and environmentalist; founder of Fundación Consciencia,

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi