What is Sokhrates?

A humanitarian project, managed by the Sokhrates Foundation (currently being created in Italy) by the already
existing and operating non-profit association.

To support its humanitarian projects, Sokhrates Foundation created the first ethical and supportive web community that unites people with strong humanitarian values, in order to make our planet a better place.

Users who share content in Sokhrates and use the web community, in fact, contribute to the funding of humanitarian, social and environmental projects, as well as technological innovation.

All profits generated by the Sokhrates web community will be invested in funding humanitarian projects and to improve the community itself in order to generate additional funds.


Current social networks and communities on-line maximize the profit for their shareholders, without taking into account the growing ethical vision of their users.

Numerous humanitarian organizations base their fund raising on
donation requests. This often creates a sense of reticence and a lack of trust in privates and companies alike.

Increasing numbers of people feel the urge to actively contribute to the planetary change we are all waiting for.

Why Sokhrates?


Sokhrates is totally free for our users.
All they have to do, to help us finance the many projects, is to use the application.

A global virtual platform which aims to:


Bring together those people with a strong propensity to make ethical choices in life and oriented towards a path of change.

Allow users to finance humanitarian projects without actually donating money but by promoting the web community.

Generate income through the green economy advertisement, allocating the revenues to nonprofit Foundations.

Reference Market


3,4 billion

People on the internet


2,5 billion

People who use communities, social network, exchange platform 


1,9 billion

People who use this tools on smartphone


Our Apps

for Android and iOS

Also available
the Messanger application

After completing the Desktop version, and in view of the fact that 90% of our users access our community through smartphones, we have, during 2018, launched the App for Android complete with Messenger and follow the App for iOS with a beta version of the chat.

Community Profits.jpg

Business model

The web community Sokhrates will allocate 100% of the profits to humanitarian projects (Foundation Sokhrates or other partners). Every time a user engages in the web community, he will generate SK coins, which in turn can be allocated to his favorite humanitarian projects within Sokhrates' portfolio. As many users share content in Sokhrates, many more projects can be funded to change the world.


It's that simple:

Share Earnings Transform

SK Coins and

the user counter

The more a user uses and promotes the web community the more it accumulates Sokhrates-coins points
(updated in real time with a counter on the user's page)

Each point corresponds to a monetary value that Sokhrates is earning for that user.

The user can then decide which of his favorite projects Sokhrates will allocate this monetary value.

Sokhrates’ Funding Principles

The projects we support must comply with the following principles:


  • A Human Rights approach: guarantee and promote human rights, specially the best interests of children and gender equity and contribute to society's values and the rights of future generations.

  • Good practices: the use of methodologies that have generated positive changes in similar communities or contexts addressing the root and not only the symptoms of the problem.

  • Community Empowerment: community will be engaged in the process as an active agent of change.

  • Sustainability: how the project will be supported by other projects (initiatives, plans, interventions, public support) to endure over time.

  • UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals: The project must be in line with at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals.

  • Manage to measure impact. The project should be managed in such way that its impact can be measured

Sokhrates in action

We are funding some small projects in some sectors, proportionate to our capabilities.

Construction of 2 houses in Nepal destroyed by the earthquake


Sponsors Gira por la infancia 2018, Spain


Vaccination of 800 children and adolescents in the Tibetan refugee camps in India to stop the hepatitis B epidemic


Growth strategy



Agreements for the promotion of Sokhrates, with non-profit organizations (for children's rights, animal and environmental rights, with humanitarian projects, etc ...) in exchange for visibility and funding of their projects.


Agreements with celebrities from the world of sport, art and entertainment and activists who can attract millions of users, in exchange for co-financing their foundations or personal humanitarian projects.


As on the Steemit platform, we will use Blockchain technology to give an economic return to those who publish high quality content on our community.

We are honored to have received the blessing of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

We were received by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India, in September 2018.

On this occasion, His Holiness specifically asked us to work to preserve the environment and to educate the younger generations to this respect


Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

She is the minister of India of the Union of women and children in the government of PM Narendra Modi. She is also an animal rights activist and environmentalist, founder of the “People for Animals association”, whose project will be supported by Sokhrates.



Sara Oviedo Fierro

Former Vice-President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is an ambassador of
Sokhrates and our technical director for missions. She allows that the funded projects follow
our needs and helps us to create alliances with international humanitarian organizations, in
particular those that have to do with the rights of children, our main interest.



Chucho Merchán

One of the most prestigious bassists in the world and animal protection activist is an ambassador of Sokhrates. He gives his music and helps us to create alliances with other artists.


One post a day, can change the world

Sokhrates is much more than a community. How can you help us improve the planet? Make at least one post a day on Sokhrates and then share it on your social networks, so more and more people will join this dream every day.

What Associations can do on our Web community:

  • Create work groups

  • Communicate the news of the association with exclusive contents

  • Use the Chat for internal communication


Moreover, the more an association moves the community, the more it will have an economic return for its projects.